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MeltingPot Music Europe

U.R. Europe

A Cultural European Society United by Music


In 1994 in the Capitol of the Netherlands; Amsterdam, the 1st steps were taken into the creation of a new All European Music Channel. In the famous Milkyway venue.

Trinityroy created ,’with the aid of many friends & volunteers’, the 1st Meltingpot Music or M.P.M. Events. On a monthly bases the than newly created foundation M.P.M. Set-out to create the blueprints for what can become a new ,………European Music Platform.


The 1st events were created, filmed, recorded & produced in order to convince possible future participants, of the value of such a channel. This value for ,’not only creative Musicians & Artists all over Europe’, but also as a contribution and a role-model of integration and a multi-cultural society on a European level, to the World!


MPM believes that the European Union did not put to use the Music-export as a Marketing-tool to promote the Union itself and allowed the US & UK to dictate taste, preventing the EU from self-determination in artistic expression. This withheld the EU from promoting Unifying-sentiments to its citizens & member States.

Where is the music from Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Rome, Athens, Stockholm, Warsaw or any of the other  major cities of its 28 member States?! Europe as One in Music, could mean a potential 500million customer-market.

Our EU individual music-markets were completely neglected by the MTV’s and such and were allowed to play only minor National side roles. MTV Europe actually limits European access to Global distribution networks and sidelines them in order to sell primarily US/UK products. This is a missed opportunity to say the least. MPM seeks to correct that. Where others just aim for great Production-Value, MPM aims to create both great Production-Value as well as great Cultural-Content. Thereby creating the next Great Music-Entertainment-Platform to the World!

When the founder of MPM Meltingpot Music, Trinityroy, recently had the change to directly contact the Vice-President of the European Union Frans Timmermans, he was pleased to get a reply that basically stated that there was an interest of the EU Union in the concept & creation of such a music channel, and that there are funds available for such enterprises.



The idea would be to start to produce, MeltingPotMusic Europe or MPM-Europe on later ,’to be determined ‘, locations in Amsterdam, in order to create monthly productions. While simultaneously traveling & visiting the individual capitols of the Union with a mobile production team. These EBU- Eurovision standards productions can than be edited into 4 broadcasts per month. In these productions the research team would highlight not only the bands, but also other burgeoning talents like; painters, artists or fashion designers from four major cities within the European Union.

The individual CityByCity productions combined with video-clips from artists & bands from all over Europe can result in a 24/7/365 European Music-Channel & Social-Media-Platform. The intrinsic value upon full realization, will be staggering!


The CityByCity productions will need

*A (mobile) Production-team, with addition of internships from Film & Music academies.

*A Research-team to infuse it with traditional cultural themes and to research the individual cities & social-media for their present leading and/or up & coming creative output, in order to invite these over or register them on location.

*A Content team: to create & oversee the content of the different social-media platforms. (youtube-Channel, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, etc etc.

*A Travel & Stay Team. For hotel bookings & travels. Deals with Hotels & Tour-operators for accommodations during overnight stay & Travels of artists and production teams.

*A Legal-Team for all copy, author & Streaming-rights

And most important to the entire endeavor a subsidized grant from the Union in order to realize the entire venture.

MPM is absolutely convinced That there are many ways in which the EU can benefit from such a project, in order to promote the Union as well as a marketing tool, while expanding its creative horizons.

The European-Union deserves its own Music-Industry and in order for that to come about we need to invest into our own European-Music TV-channel Platform & Social-Media Hubs. It can be done and its creation is only a matter of effort, input, action and investment by all players concerned. MPMEurope seeks to,’at least’,  kickstart the start of a new great music platform, and support organic growth of this platform throughout the 21st Century.

2020 is the 1st objective so

help us make MPM-Europe into a reality!

  Trinityroy  for



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